Do you have pets in your household? Whether you have a dog, cat, or another type of furry friend, they all have one thing in common – they can really stink up your home. Owning a pet that’s allowed inside comes with certain costs, and cleaning is one of them. While we all love our adorable pets, we acknowledge that they can cause quite a bit of distress in the home, particularly in regards to cleaning and hygiene.


If your pet has been leaving their “scent” around your home, from urination or defecation, it is important to try to solve the problem. There are plenty of different techniques for re-training a pet to do their business outside, and outside only. But what can you do about the smell of a home that has already been made to stink? It is not pleasant to live with, and guests might have a few things to say, if they enter a home that has that barn-yard odor.


Once you have cleaned your furniture, clothing, and anything else that might have become a target for your favorite furry friend, you should focus your attention on your floors. Even wood floor board can soak up liquids, and become permanently stained. These should be easy enough to clean, provided that you are able to catch the mess, and clean it, before further damage has occurred. But what if the stains are left on your carpet, and you ares truggling to remove them?


Cleaning carpets and rugs is no joke, and it is best to get the job done quickly, before the unwanted scents are allowed to seep in. Using household appliances, such as a steam carpet cleaning machine, or store-bought cleaning products, might temporarily get rid of the problem. However, what you cannot see is the scent particles that can dig in deep, penetrating the bottom fibers of your carpets; they can even end up beneath the material of the carpet, where a permanent stench will slowly molder.

Pet odors should be cleaned from carpets and rugs – immediately – and it should be done by a professional carpet cleaning service. Rug and carpet professionals have specialized products, that contain enzymes to break down the particles of your pet’s urine. A deep steam clean service is also available, where pressurized, and extremely hot, water is used to remove anything else that might still be lurking on your carpets.



Even if the fibers have started to alter in color, a trained professional cleaner should be able to make the sparkle like new again. Of course, sometimes carpet damage is just too severe, and no amount of cleaning can restore its original lustre. Luckily, many pro carpet cleaners offer further services, to bring the color back into your floorings.



When you are looking for a cleaning service in your area, be sure that they are qualified professionals. You have plenty of businesses to choose from, from carpet cleaning services. However, they are not all up to the task of turning your soiled carpets back into fresh, clean, good-smelling ones.