Homeowners often prefer to have carpets and rugs in their living area, bedrooms, and their children’s play areas. However, carpets are far more difficult to keep clean than other floor services. The obvious solution is to regularly vacuum, as this is a great way to maintain carpeting, and to remove unwanted dirt and dust. However, in order to keep carpets fresh and hygienic, it is recommended to periodically hire a professional carpet cleaning service. The Huffington Post wrote a similar article suggesting that do-it-yourself solutions will simply not “cut-it” when it comes to deep carpet cleaning.

Dirty carpets do not only affect how your home looks; they can also cause medical problems with some family members. People with breathing conditions, such as asthma and snoring, are more susceptible to harm from dusty homes.



Consumer level carpet cleaning machines are only effective up to a certain degree; no matter how expensive your vacuum cleaner is, or how much you spend on expensive sprays and cleaning products – you cannot get professional results, unless you actually hire a professional.



In addition to consumer grade cleaning machines and products, there is always the option of hiring a “professional” steam carpet cleaning machine, and doing the cleaning yourself. It might be tempting to hire one of these machines, but weigh the options before taking this route. These machines are not cheap to purchase, clean, or maintain. They need to be kept in top-condition, since they are being used by a range of people – people who have no expertise in their use. You could end up paying hundreds of dollars just to hire a carpet cleaning machine for one day, and then you have to do all of the hard work yourself.



For some, the costs and effort involved in doing the job themselves might be worthwhile. For most people, hiring a qualified carpet cleaning professional is probably the best solution. For the price of their services, they will see to it that your carpets are left looking like-new, provided that they are not already damaged and ruined. Check out this article on Home Advisor that gives an in depth look on what to expect when hiring a carpet cleaning company.

These sorts of companies have access to the best equipment, and no one else has been using their machines. Who knows what could have happened to a rental machine, since it has been used by so many different people, none of whom have any training.



If you are looking for a local carpet cleaning you should keep a few questions in mind when you speak with them:

  • How long has the company been around? This is one of the easiest questions to ask if you want to find out how successful, and how experienced a carpet cleaning service is, even if you do not find out anything else.
  • Will you vacuum before you clean? The only acceptable answer to this question is, “yes.” Dust and debris       must first be removed, in order to get the best clean.
  • Are your cleaning technicians certified? The easiest way to judge a company’s service is to find out if they are qualified to clean professionally